Bronte Upshaw is a New York-based actor who hails from Atlanta, Georgia. Singing was her first language, as she grew up imitating the likes of Judy and Barbra, with some Aerosmith and Fleetwood Mac peppered in.

Over the years, she learned that she was drawn not only to the beauty of music, but to the stories they were telling, and how impactful they were to both the storyteller and those listening. She learned that acting brings those universal truths together to celebrate and critique what is so uniquely human, and has the ability to change hearts and minds. She’s always itching to create with like minded people, who believe in telling purposeful narratives and remembering the joy of PLAY.

When not performing, Bronte is usually found scribbling, eating her partner’s culinary school treats, or behind a camera- working on a series of shorts inspired by devised theatre or whatever hits her in the moment.

Bronte has a BFA in musical theatre from The Boston Conservatory.